About Us

Who we are

TS Canada ST is a voluntary, non-profit, charitable organization that was established in 1990 to provide awareness and support for individuals with TSC and their families.

Read the story of one of the founders of TS Canada ST as published in this February 1988 Chatelaine article.  Download PDF – “Birth of a Disabled Child”

Our mission

TS Canada ST is a voluntary, non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to the principles of raising public awareness of tuberous sclerosis complex, encouraging mutual support between individuals with TSC and their families, and promoting research and education.

A message from our Chair


Cathy Evanochko, Chair

Every unique journey with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) is marked by hazards big and small, filled with unique twists and turns, none of which are easy.  When we receive a diagnosis of TSC, we cannot predict how our journey will be until we live it. However, as our understanding of TSC grows, individuals living with TSC have hope like we have never had before. Rather than thinking of TSC as a “hopeless” diagnosis, we know there are effective new treatments available, with more possible treatments on the horizon.

We are living in exciting times.  Technology has fast-tracked research and made information widely available. The discovery of a genetic pathway involved in TSC also has implications for cancer research. Suddenly, interest in TSC has increased substantially.  Researchers believe that TSC is a lynchpin disease and that uncovering effective treatments for TSC may lead to cures for both TSC and cancer.  Exciting times indeed!

Over 20 years ago, Tuberous Sclerosis Canada Sclérose Tubéreuse (TSCST) began at the kitchen tables of people just like you; those who were living with TSC and were passionate about supporting each other while promoting research and education so that future generations living with TSC may have fewer challenges to face.

Be a hero! Join us in this journey to find better outcomes for individuals living with TSC and for those who love them.