Awareness Day and Month

Global TSC Day is May 15 2015, May is TSC Awareness Month

Help increase awareness in your neighbourhood, at work or at school, or globally via social media, by making use of these ideas and the links that follow on our May Awareness page.

  1. Make use of the suggestions on our Ideas for Raising Awareness page – let others inspire you!
  2. Stock up on resources at the Downloads page to download useful posters, Facebook cover photos and profile pics, sample Tweets and status, slide shows, fact sheets, videos and brochures.  You can even order merchandise from the Global TSC Day store. or the TS Canada ST store.
  3. Tie your idea to our other events this month,and to the Global TSC Awareness Day May 15 – so that you can have the biggest impact.
  4. Publicise your activities on Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Send us your photos and ideas so we can help you have a greater impact and so that you can inspire others: or contact us on our Facebook TSCanada page.