TSC Global Awareness Day – May 15th

May 15th is TSC Global Awareness Day.

Every year on May 15th, those living with TSC come together to increase awareness and share their stories about living with TSC.

You can help increase awareness locally or globally!  Here are some ideas:


  • Make use of previous campaigns – let others inspire you!  Learn more >


  •  Stock up on resources at the Downloads page to download useful posters, Facebook cover photos and profile pics, sample Tweets and status, slide shows, fact sheets, videos and brochures.  You can even order merchandise from the Global TSC Day store or the TS Canada ST store.



  • Publicize your activities on our social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter


  • Send us your photos and ideas so we can help you have a greater impact and so that you can inspire others: TSCanadaST@gmail.com or contact us on our Facebook TSCanada page.