Hold Your Own Event

Ready to hold your own event?  Need ideas?

Golf Tournaments

Plan a successful golf tournament. Everyone loves to golf and it still is a favorite past time for many individuals. Golf is a great sport for many and individuals love to try out new and exciting courses. TS Canada can help you brand your next golf tournament!


Learn how easy it is to plan a TS Canada Walkathon. Start off small, family and friends to start and then grow it year after year and see how much this can benefit Tuberous Sclerosis Canada. We can assist you with planning this event.

Galas and Special Dinners

These can be fun events to plan. Recruit an event committee and you can make your next event a black tie event or you could have a comedy evening making it a little more relaxed and fun incorporating an auction. TS Canada will support you anyway possible with any event you plan.

Bottle Drives / Garage Sales

Every little bit helps. You would be surprised at how successful one of these events can be all you need to do is door knock or haul out your old stuff that you know you will never use . The motto is someone else’s trash is someone else’s treasure.

Special Occasion Donations

Encourage your company to make an extra special gift for Christmas in the name of their clients. Instead of gifts and Christmas cards encourage companies to make a donation to TS Canada in the name of their clients name and address a letter letting them know that they made a donation in their name.

Birthday Donations

Make a donation for a Birthday present and we will send a card to let them know that a donation has been made in their name.


For other great ideas to help you get started visit Canada helps:  http://givinglife.canadahelps.org/en/blog/fundraising/crowdfunding-tips-everyone-can-use/

See our create a personal fundraising page for additional resources to help you reach your fundraising goal.

Ready to help raise awareness during TSC May awareness month and day?  Visit our Ideas for Raising Awareness page for examples of previous year’s May campaign successes by TS Canada ST and by individuals.  You can do one of these activities in your own community, or be inspired to create an event of your own.  Be sure to tell us!

For greatest impact, don’t forget to tie your awareness-raising activities to the events associated with many of the download resources, and to the Global TSC Day.  Publicise your activities on Facebook and other social media.  Send us your photos and ideas so we can help you have a broader reach and so that you can inspire others: TS Canada ST@gmail.com or contact us on our Facebook TSCanada fanpage.

Make sure to contact us if you need TS Canada ST brochures or other items for your events!