Why Volunteer?

Tuberous Sclerosis Canada is seeking volunteers to help us with our efforts to combat tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC). Your efforts will help us establish local, provincial and national connections for those affected by TSC; raise funds for research and treatment; and increase awareness of TSC.

Volunteers are needed for:

  • Support Network – Communicate with adults, parents and caregivers or teenagers about your experiences with TSC. These local connections assist Tuberous Sclerosis Canada in providing resources to individuals who contact us seeking support, information, or merely someone that cares.
  • Matching Program – Matches individuals or families across the country with those who share similar challenges.
  • Outreach and Awareness – Educate your community about TSC and Tuberous Sclerosis Canada. Distribute updated TSC information to targeted medical community, advocate for TSC research funding from elected officials and reach out to local media to increase the visibility of TSC.
  • Government Advocacy – Contact your local Member of Parliament/Member of Provincial Parliament and encourage them to set aside funds to help Tuberous Sclerosis Canada in the fight against TSC.
  • Community Fund Raising – Organize a special event in your local community to raise funds for Tuberous Sclerosis Canada.
  • Community Alliances – Start up or join one of the Tuberous Sclerosis Canada community alliances. Community Alliances host educational meetings, organize special events, raise awareness and serve as a resource in their community. A listing of community alliances is available on our web site.

To get started on volunteering, please print and complete the application form below and email the completed form to TS Canada ST@gmail.com

Volunteer application form