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TSC Canada & TSC Alliance Research Collaboration Webinar

December 14, 2023

2022 World TSC Conference Videos

July 28-31, 2022

The TSC Alliance and TSC International are please to present the educational sessions recorded during the 2022 World TSC Conference that was held in Dallas, Texas in 2022.

To watch the videos, please visit the TSC Alliance 2022 World TSC Conference Videos page.

*Recordings made possible by a Visionary Technology Sponsorship from Drs. Bonnie and Jonathan Rothberg and family.

TSC Alliance – Webinar Series and Conference Videos

The TSC Alliance provides excellent webinar series videos and conference videos on their website.

To watch the recorded videos, please visit the TSC Alliance Videos and Webinars page.

2016 Vancouver TSC Educational Conference

September 16th and 17th, 2016

TAND across the lifespan – Dr. Petrus de Vries  – Video

Day 2 Introduction – Dr. Mary Connolly and Cathy Evanochko – Video

Michelle Von Schleinit – Community Speaker – Importance of Participating in Research Studies, Parent of a Child/Adult with TSC in Research Study – Video

Clinical Consensus Guidelines and New Epilepsy Treatments on the Horizon (CBD) – Dr. Elizabeth Thiele  – Video

Breakthroughs in Understanding the Cause of TSC and New Therapies on the Horizon (mTOR) – Dr. Peter Crino – Video

Potential for Prevention of Epilepsy in TSC – Dr. Mary Connolly – Video

Epilepsy Management in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex – Dr. Mary Connolly – Video

Dietary Therapy of Epilepsy – Dr. Elizabeth Thiele – Video

Behavior, Epilepsy, and Anti-Seizure Medications in Children with TSC – Dr. Bláthnaid McCoy – Video

TSC: Behavioral Challenges in Childhood – Dr. Elizabeth Thiele – Video

TSC Across the Lifespan: Transition from Pediatric to Adult Services

Katrina Evanochko – Community Speaker – TSC and the Sibling Perspective – Video

Skin Manifestations of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex – Power Point Presentation

TSC: Emerging Management of Renal Manifestations – Dr. John Hulbert – Video

Pulmonary Manifestations of Tuberous Sclerosis – Dr. Nasreen Khalil – Video

Conference Conclusion – Cathy Evanochko – Video


New Therapies, New Hope Patient and Caregiver meeting

November 8, 2015

My Child has a SEGA (s) – Dr. Ute Bartels  Power Point presentation

Epilepsy Trials and Treatment – Mac Burnham  Power Point presentation

New Hope for Management of TSC – Dr. Kapoor  Power Point presentation