Board of Directors

cathyCathy Evanochko, Co-chair

Cathy Evanochko is one of the founding board members of the organization. In the days prior to the availability of the Internet, an article about Cathy’s family in the February, 1988 issue of Chatelaine magazine brought individuals together from across the country to create the Canadian organization Tuberous Sclerosis Canada Sclérose Tubéreuse. After taking a hiatus for a few years, Cathy rejoined the board in 2010. Cathy is a fierce advocate for TSC awareness, especially around the challenges adults with TSC face. Her daughter Kimberly was diagnosed with TSC in 1986 and with LAM in 2007. Cathy has recently been elected to sit on the board of directors for the Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders (CORD), a patient advocacy group for the rare disease community.

KarenKaren Shulist, Co-Chair

Karen has been a director on the TSCST board for almost nine years. She has been a part of many fundraising events and awareness raising initiatives. Karen was instrumental in organizing a medical conference in Toronto in 2007, and she looked after the 800 line for several years. She was involved with the TS Alliance organization in the USA as a Ex officio Board member, she knows how to build on relationships, which is key strength of hers. Karen has an 11 year old son who was diagnosed with TSC at 6 months, so she understands the challenges that everyone affected by TSC can face. Karen’s first and foremost priorities are her family. The one message Karen would like to send out to all members, is to get involved and volunteer! To move forward we need your help.

melissaMelissa Côté, Director

Melissa has been a director on the TSCST board since 2011.  She is a graduate of Queen’s University with a Master’s of Land Planning and currently works as a land planner for a local Ottawa developer. She became involved with TSCST shortly after her then 1 year old daughter was diagnosed with TSC.  She became involved with TSCST to share her passion for awareness and support of those affected by TSC.

jenniferJennifer Flinn, Director

Jennifer lives in Ottawa with her husband and two daughters. She is an elementary school teacher and is currently working on a Doctorate in Education. Jennifer has been a director on the board since 2008. She became involved after her oldest daughter was born with TSC. She holds a Master’s degree in education, and did her thesis work about the educational impacts of TSC. She has recently authored and published a children’s book about TSC, called Princess Katie the Brave: A Story About Living with TSC. Jennifer is passionate about helping others affected by this genetic disorder.

RayRay Marco, Director

Ray Marco from Dunmore, Alberta has been a director with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Canada (TSCST) for 23 years. Ray has TSC himself and so do both of his now adult sons. Ray handles the TSCST Gmail and previously handled the English toll-free line. He is currently the TSCST secretary. Ray and Cathy Marco have been married for 34 years.