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  • For a $15.00 donation, a water bottle.
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Princess Katie the Brave: A Story About Living with TSC

Tuberous Sclerosis Complex—those are some pretty big words, especially for a little kid. But these big words don’t have to be so hard to understand. They don’t have to be scary or strange—and neither does the condition they name.

Princess Katie the Brave: A Story About Living with TSC introduces young readers to this rare genetic disorder in a very approachable, child-friendly way. The story centers on a young, happy princess, Katie, who has TSC and feels “different” because she goes to the doctor and hospital more often than the other princes and princesses in her kingdom.

As Princess Katie learns more about her condition, she meets other princes and princesses who also have TSC. She soon discovers that she is not alone—and that she doesn’t have to feel “weird” just because she has special needs.

Parents, teachers, and caregivers of children affected by TSC, whether directly or indirectly, will find this lighthearted, hopeful title a very useful tool for explaining the disorder to their young readers. It will help kids accept and understand the special needs associated with TSC and will inspire readers of all ages to look at the world through more accepting eyes.