ANNOUNCING THE 2016 Vancouver TSC Educational Conference

September 17th, 2016 * Vancouver, BC.

TS Canada ST in partnership with the TSC Clinic at BC Children’s Hospital is pleased to announce the 2016 family education conference for those with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC), their families and their caregivers.

This one –day conference will feature leading researchers and clinicians specializing in TSC (both local and from abroad) with topics relating to the latest research, diagnosis and treatment of TSC in both pediatrics and adults.  This conference will help you CONNECT with others, CONQUER the many challenges of TSC and CELEBRATE the hope of new treatments.

Plan now to join others affected by TSC along with leading TSC physicians and researchers.  Additional information regarding the agenda, registration and hotel information will be released in the following month.

Here are just some of the topics to date with more to follow, so stay tuned and save your spot early!!

  • Early diagnosis of TSC and the impact of genetics on diagnosis
  • Diagnosis and best practice in the management of Epilepsy in TSC and potential for prevention of epilepsy
  • The Neuropscychiatric problems in TSC: Diagnosis and Management
  • Behaviour problems in children with TSC
  • Management of Mood disorders in TSC in adults
  • Skin problems in TSC
  • Impact of mTOR inhibitors in the treatment of TSC/ new treatment for epilepsy
  • Renal disease in TSC: Prevention of complications/treatment
  • LAM disease in TSC

Pre-register now by emailing