Videos de la conférence et diaporamas

2016 Vancouver TSC Educational Conference (anglais)

Rencontre le 16 et 17 Septembre, 2016

TAND across the lifespan – Dr. Petrus de Vries  – Video

Day 2 Introduction – Dr. Mary Connolly and Cathy Evanochko – Video

Michelle Von Schleinit – Community Speaker – Importance of Participating in Research Studies, Parent of a Child/Adult with TSC in Research Study – Video

Clinical Consensus Guidelines and New Epilepsy Treatments on the Horizon (CBD) – Dr. Elizabeth Thiele  – Video

Breakthroughs in Understanding the Cause of TSC and New Therapies on the Horizon (mTOR) – Dr. Peter Crino – Video

Potential for Prevention of Epilepsy in TSC – Dr. Mary Connolly – Video

Epilepsy Management in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex – Dr. Mary Connolly – Video

Dietary Therapy of Epilepsy – Dr. Elizabeth Thiele – Video

Behavior, Epilepsy, and Anti-Seizure Medications in Children with TSC – Dr. Bláthnaid McCoy – Video

TSC: Behavioral Challenges in Childhood – Dr. Elizabeth Thiele – Video

TSC Across the Lifespan: Transition from Pediatric to Adult Services

Katrina Evanochko – Community Speaker – TSC and the Sibling Perspective – Video

Skin Manifestations of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex – Power Point Presentation

TSC: Emerging Management of Renal Manifestations – Dr. John Hulbert – Video

Pulmonary Manifestations of Tuberous Sclerosis – Dr. Nasreen Khalil – Video

Conference Conclusion – Cathy Evanochko – Video


New Therapies, New Hope Patient and Caregiver meeting

Rencontre le 8 Novembre, 2015

My Child has a SEGA (s) – Dr. Ute Bartels

Epilepsy Trials and Treatment – Mac Burnham